Hey guys how are you? i hope you are fine then today i gonna to give to download of anti ban host file for pubg mobile and free fire and also for pubg mobile lite which helps you to prevent banned notification on your pubg mobile of 10 years or 10 minute ban. This anti ban host file is made up of thousands numbers of ips address which makes difficult to detect pubg mobile cheats that you use on your pubg mobile game. The anti ban host is work with a special types of vpn which name is strange vpn which is also known as a host vpn which require a host which is in the form of txt file that i give in the last of this article.

Do you know what is anti ban host file. If not then continue reading this article and i hope at the end of the article you will completely know anti ban host file. But guys do you know that an alternative method is be used in the place of anti ban host file that is anti ban vip script which is better than anti ban host file. I fully recommended that firstly use anti ban script, if not work then you try to use anti ban host file.

Why i am this says? Do you know? Let’s explain me. Guys, anti ban host file is made up of simple txt file while anti ban vip script is made up of highly advance programming language lua. Lua is the advance programming language which is used in the making game programming also used to crack and making mod application of any game. This lua programming language is those who wants to crack or modified the games by using the lua commands. if you use anti ban vip script then the it’s more difficult to detect pubg AI for cheats that you use in the game.

So, This is the main reason that i recommended you to use firstly anti ban script than anti ban host file. Buy if you use antiban script then you need also a special types of apk which is easy available on the internet that is game guardian. But one things noted be that you use use cheats on pubg mobile then you need to a moded game guardian not a original game guardian. I hope you understand my thoughts. If you use original game guardian then you anti ban script is not fully work and hence you will give a 10 years or 10 minutes ban notice on your pubg mobile screen.

What Is Anti Ban Host File

Anti ban host file is in the form of txt. which is simply written on notepad or text editor. Which contains huge numbers of ip address and domains. This anti ban host file is used for various purpose like bypass the cheats on multiplayer game like pubg, free fire,cod, and more. If you want to make anti ban host file then you need to collect thousands of ips address and then paste on your host file by using notepad and save it in the form of .txt on windows or mac download Indian train simulator mod apk

What Is Anti Ban Script

Anti ban script is a special types of script which is written on lua programming language which is also used to bypass the cheats on pubg mobile lite,free fire and cod. This script is run on android phones with the helps of mod game guardian apk. This anti ban vip is more powerful than anti ban host file. Offcourse it is making of advance programming languages.

Anti Ban Host File With Strange Vpn

As i already told with you anti ban host file need to run a special types of vpn that is strange vpn or other host vpn. There are too many host app available on playstore or in internet. you can easily download the any host vpn buy make sure you are download workable host file. As i see that some strange vpn is going to crash or make off when user playing pubg mobile games or free fire games. So, if you having these problem please check you this link.

Features Of Anti Ban Host File

Now, let’s talk about the features of anti ban host file. which helps you to understand while using antiban host file. let’s talk one by one.

  • Fully secure
  • safe and lightweight
  • easy to download
  • work 98% on android phone
  • comfortable with any android phone
  • easy to use
  • prevent banning from pubg mobile and free fire

Download Anti Ban Host File

Now, don’t waste of your time i am just giving to fast download link of anti ban host file. But guys keep the point in your mind is that don’t share you anti ban host file with your friends if you do then it may chances to see the ban notification by pubg mobile and free fire.This anti ban host file is work both pubg mobile, pubg mobile lite, free fire, cod.