Guys, today i will show you how to use auto clicker on your android phones to make money by using cheats on winzo gold apk. This is the best apk which is used to auto click on winzo gold games specially on cricket games.

What is Auto Clicker Mod Apk

Auto clicker is basically an application which helps user to auto click on your android phones. In this auto clicker apk you will get two modes first is single mode and second is multiple mod.

What is single Mod auto Clicker Apk

Single mod is used if you want only one click on your android phones. This single mod auto click is also used when you want to only click at a one place of the screen. You can use auto click by choosing three different methods like time duration (auto clicker time suppose if you select time 2 minute then auto click is continue click on android screen until 2 minutes.


Download Auto Clicker Apk

auto clicker apk download
auto clicker apk download