In this post you will know that what is BPL, what is the full form of BPL, BPL meaning and full form, full meaning of Bpl. There are still many families in the world who are living below the poverty line. Families who are very poor and get food a day, then fall asleep by eating half a stomach a day, the Government of India has introduced a number of cards to facilitate such families, with the help of which families living below the poverty line can get help.they.There is one such BPL card, which is designed for people who come below the poverty line. Those who have this BPL card are provided with a number of facilities from the government, thereby reducing their lives many hardships. It is a convenient card for the poor. If you want to know about BPL card, here’s how to apply for Full BPL Form,BPL Card? Detailed information is being provided.

Full Form BPL

BPL full form is Below Poverty Line. The full BPL form is below the poverty line. It is used by the Government of India to indicate the economic situation and to identify individuals and families who need Government assistance. Below Poverty Line (BPL) refers to an income limit. Those whose incomes are less than this limit are considered poor or below the poverty line. The limit is determined using several parameters that vary from state to state, and within states. The present criteria are based on a survey conducted in 2002. The central government of India has not conducted a new survey for a decade. Therefore, the Government is undetermined on the criteria for identification of BPL families.

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Which Person Is Came Under BPL

The Government uses various functions to identify BPL sections below the poverty line. These works may vary from state to state and may be different for rural and urban areas. In addition, there are various criteria and methods to define the poverty line in different countries, which are the following names of which you can see below.

  • House
  • Landholding
  • Food Security
  • Clothing
  • Consumer Durables
  • Status of Children
  • Literacy Status

What Is BPL card

The Government of India through this card provides food, living space and clothes, and some food items to the people who lead below the poverty line. Further, the Government of India currently uses certain basic standards for families living below the poverty line.

Benefits Of BPL Card