First of all, let us tell you that DCA is related to computer. And as we all know that digitization is happening in India today, so the need for computers is increasing. In such a situation, IMPORTANCE OF DCA is also increasing. Let us know what this DCA actually is?

Full Form CMO

The full form of DCA is Diploma in Computer Application. The DCA is a part time Diploma computer course. DCA is basically run in all computer institute in India. If you want to advance in computer silks then this is a best option for you.

In DCA, you get computerized basic computer skills, online official work, documentation, DTP . Knowledge of Publication, Hindi, English typing work programming along with Internet Basics, MS OFFICE, Internet Applications, Operating System, Database Management System, HTML, C Programming are all given


If we talk about DCA Cource Eligibility, then you should have 10 + 2 degree. DCA COUSRE is importent for those people who do not have any information related to computer.

What Is CMO

DCA is a computer diploma course that is conducted in almost all computer institutes in India.

DCA Time Duration 

In most institutions, the time limit of this course is 6 months. It takes up to 1 year to complete this course in many institutions. Nowadays many colleges in India are getting this course done. The DCA course has become very important because even today a government job in India is required to be a DCA DEGREE.

Popular Jobs For DCA Students

After completing the DCA course, you can do a variety of jobs in the computer field. In this course, students are taught from basic knowledge of computers to advanced, so after completing this course, students can do any work, small or big in the company.

You can apply for the work you are interested in. You can get information about all these jobs below.

1. Data Entry

This is the most popular job that is found in almost all the companies. Data entry operator is required in every government and private company to get data entry work done.

If you complete the DCA course in a good way, then you will be given a job as a data entry operator in any company because all the work of data entry is taught inside the DCA course.

2. Web Designer

Today’s time web designer is very much in demand in IT company because every day thousands of websites are being created all over the world.

After completing the DCA course, you can work as a web designer in any IT company.

Within this course, the work of web designing is fully taught. To learn web designing one has to learn three programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS and javascript.

When you go to the company for a job, you will be interviewed for these three programming languages. If you pass the interview, then you will be given a job in the company as a web designer.

3. Networking

Networking is a great job today. In the DCA course, all information about networking is taught completely.

Big companies maintain their own network to run their business internet .

If you learn about networking well in DCA course then you can do networking job in any IT company


Benefits OF DCA

This course is very beneficial for those who do not have any knowledge about computers , because through this course you can learn basic to advanced computer .

Admission In DCA

To take admission in this course, you have to pass at least 10th class. There are many such institutions in which to pass admission, one has to pass the 12th class. DCA course can also be done after Graduation or Post- Graduation .

After Completing DCA

After completing this course, you can do computer work in any government and private company. If you go for a job in a private company, then you will get more salary as compared to a government company.The most important thing about completing DCA course is that when you complete this course, then you will be given a certificate, when you finish your studies and apply for a government job, then this certificate will help you a lot. By using this certificate you can easily get a job in these below feild.

  • Accountant
  • Web Designers
  • C ++ Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Operator

Courses In DCA

After taking admission in this course, first you will be given basic like paint, word , excel. When you learn all the basic software of the computer, then you will be taught about advanced software such as tally , photoshop, and along with it HTML, CSS, javascript, C ++, etc.

Let us tell you what is taught to you under DCA COURSE.

  • Basic computer skill
  • MS office application
  • ERP basis
  • Internet basis
  • E-buisness
  • Software hacking and IT security
  • PC assemble and Trouble shooting
  • System analysis and designing
  • Software engineering