Today i will gonna to show you and tell everything about cnc. That’s means what is cnc, what is the full form of cnc (what is cnc stands for), benefits of cnc, types of cnc and at the last we will know history of cnc so, i request with you to read the full post in carefully. Now a days, Where technology is being used in every field. The use of computer has increased its trend more rapidly. Now by putting the program in the computer beforehand, machines are controlled and used. And this comes under the cnc machine. CNC  is a process  that is used in manufacturing to control machines by computers. In this, according to your needs, the work is programmed and put into the computer. Then that work is done by the computer by controlling all the machine tools according to that program.

Full Form CNC

Computerized Numerical Control

The Full form of CNC is “Computerized Numerical Control“. It is a machine controlled by a computer program and capable of performing all kinds of tasks. The machine has to be programmed just once with the help of a computer, then the machine works without stopping as you programmed it. Whereas manual control allows the live operators to operate the machining tool through levers, buttons and wheels. Needs to command On the other hand, in another system, you can insert the command inside the console, due to which it does not require any live operators. It does its job automatically. The demand of these machines is more in the company and industrial because the job creation in it is more. It is very economical to do and it is also safe to operate. Apart from this, the use of these machines can give more and accurate work in less time.

What Is CNC

As we know that there was an earlier time when things were made by hand. Since there was less demand for goods, only hand-made industries supplied the demand. After that the demand started increasing gradually. Machines developed. With the help of which production also increased. But most of the machines were operated by hand. Which made the work a little easier but there was a possibility of mistake. There is a possibility of loss of both life and property.

Since the trend of the automation industry has increased significantly nowadays, CNC has an important role. Because it can perform the same task multiple times without any error. For example, it is doing many things like cutting, painting, grinding, polishing etc.

History Of CNC

The main idea of ​​CNC came from NC (numerical control). The first NC machine arrived in 1940. Then came the advanced machine in 1950. They were built on the basis of mechanical equipment. Which were changed to design the machine as well as control the machine. At that time, it could do only a few tasks.

Then in the 1960s and 1970s it came in the form of numerical control technology cnc machine. Today, due to the growth of the automation industry, a lot of work is being done in the manufacturing and production sector. Its inventor, John Parsons, is believed to be the first to build the system to make a helicopter blade template.

Types Of CNC

There are mainly 5 different types of CNC machines.

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.
  • CNC Laser Cutting Machine.
  • CNC Milling Machine.
  • CNC Router Machine.
  • CNC Lathe Machine.

What Is The Benefits Of CNC

  • It increases the ability to work because it can be used continuously for 24 hours.
  • By updating the program over time, its functionality can also be increased and changed.
  • It saves both time and labor.
  • It does not even need to be constantly monitored.
  • They are able to provide the design according to the needs of the company without any errors.
  • The items designed and made by it have good finished.
  •  By which how many products can be made in a certain time can be accurately estimated.