Hey, Guys are you looking for strange vpn apk then you are in best place i mean you are in best website. In this website you will easily able to download strange vpn apk for android platform. One things i say that if you are want to download strange vpn for ios then you clearly say that you can’t download strange vpn for ios because strange vpn not support mac or ios operating system.

Now, let’s talk about strange vpn apk like what is strange vpn, what is the features of strange vpn, what is the uses of strange vpn and so on. Guys, Do you know how strange vpn is popular now a days, if not continue reading this articles and i hope you will find your solution regarding strange vpn at the end of this article.

What Is Stange Vpn Apk

First of all, we try to understand the word strange vpn apk. Strange vpn apk is just a host vpn apk which is far different from normal vpn because in this vpn we use host file to start. There are many uses of strange vpn apk in the whole interner world but when mulitplayer games comes in the market like pubg mobile, pubg lite, free fire, cod, then the uses of strange vpn is suddenly increases because it is used for preventing banning from these online multiplayer games.

Features Of Strange Vpn Apk

I know, you think that how strange vpn apk is used for prevent banning notification for 10 years or 10 minutes. But guys it is true and i personally experience it. I try to get all information for strange vpn apk. As i already told you strange vpn works with a speciall txt file which is knows as host file which contains thousands of ips address or domain names. which helps to change our ip address or hide our ip address at a time which is used to prevent banning when we use cheats on these games specially like pubg mobile. As you know that pubg mobile is the most popular online multiplayer battle games, so some people use cheats to make more fun on pubg mobile but unfortunely pubg detect their cheats and get a 10 years banned notification on their ID.

So, developers makes antiban host file which is bypass the cheats and make divert the pubg mobile bot to non detect any types of cheats. so in this way anti ban host file works with the combination of strange vpn apk.

Download Strange Vpn APK

Everyone comments me for giving best strange vpn apk with best anti ban host here you can download both the files and apk in just one click. For download strange vpn apk you need to just click on below download button,when you click this your strange vpn apk is download automatically start on few seconds. you will able to install on your android phones.

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