During the download of E-Aadhar card from the UIDAI.gov.in (Unique identification Authority OF India) you were seen that you have to enter the password of your aadhar card. But most of the people doesn’t know their password because they were not fill any password during apply for Aadhar card. So in the article you will know about password of your aadhar card which is very important to download your Aadhar card in electronic format i.e, E-Aadhar.

You will surprise to know that everybody which have Aadhar card or applying for Aadhar card is already know her password.

Now, i am 100% sure you think that how i know the password of Aadhar card. Guys, the password of the Aadhar card contain 4 character and 4 digits. let’s understand this what i say about the password of Aadhar card.

Password Of Aadhar Card

According to The UIDAI the E-Aaadhar card password is your First Four letter in capital letter along with your date of birth. Aadhar card consist 4 letters and 4 digits. For know the password of Aadhar card you have to know only two things, first is Name and second is Year of birth of the person.

For example: Suppose the name of the person on Aadhar card is RAMESH KUMAR and birth of year is 1986 then the password you have to enter is RAME1986. Just enter your password and click on download Aadhar to start your downloading or to print out.

Uses Of E-Aadhar Card

As we all know that Aadhar card is the one of the important identity proof of An Indian. Also there are lots of uses of Aadhar card.