Want to download your aadhar card in the form of pdf or print your aadhar card. In this article we will know the exact way to download the Aadhar card on your phone or pc. Aadhar card is the most important identification in the India Country.

Aadhar is widely used in the India as a identification of a person. Most of the field like banks, loans, business, education  we need a identify proof which show the information of a person like Full name, Father name, Mother name, Address , City , State and much more.

Aadhar card is the unique 12 digit number which is given to every citizen of India. Aadhar card is valid only in India. Aadhar card is only applicable for those person who have Residence of INDIA. Aadhar card contain Biometric information (Iris scan, Fingerprint) of a particular person or people who have INDIA Residence.

How to Download Aadhar Card

Now, In this article we will know to how to download the Aadhar card or print the Aadhar card. sometimes you heard the word E-Aadhar which is knows as electronic aadhar card. So we use digital way to download Aadhar card so we use the term E-Aadhar.

To download your E-Aadhar first of all we need some details or document like Aadhar number (if you have already aadhar card but it may lost or stolen) or receipt (if you apply for Aadhar card and want to download and print online).

Let’s start download Aadhar card online

1. Keep Your Aadhar Card Number or Enrollment Slip

If you was apply Aadhar card and want to download in electronic format (E-Aadhar) then you must have Enrollment slip which contain 14 digit ENO and 14 digit Date to use it to download your Aadhar card.

If you already have Aadhar card but some reason like stolen or lost your Aadhar card and want to download your Aadhar Card again then you need to known your Aadhar card number, Name and date of birth to download your Aadhar card.

Note: You can download your Aadhar card by smart phone in the form of PFD and then go to the nearest cafe to print out our aadhar card.

2.  Visit UIDAI.gov.in 


First of all you need to visit the UIDAI.gov.in for download your E-Aadhar. UIDAI.GOV.IN is the official government Aadhar card authority in INDIA.

3. Click On Download Aadhar 

After visiting UIDAI.GOV.IN  on the top menu bar search My Aadhar. Under the My Aadgar menu bar Go to Get Aadhar Section, search Download Aadhar. Then click on It you will redirect to anther page where you have to fill your Aadhar card number if you have or Enter your Enrolment ID. After filing the information you need to enter Captcha that you seen in the right of Captcha Verification.

Alternative : If you not able to understand the First and second step or little confuse then you also go to direct link by clicking here.

4. Click On Request OTP

After filling Captcha just click on request OTP button. Now, you will receive OTP to your Aadhar card registered mobile number. After receiving OTP click on ENTER OTP button to fill the same opt on the section and click on Download Aadhar.

5. Enter Password To Download Aadhar Card

Now you need to enter you Aadhar card password to successfully download or print your Aadhar card.

Your Aadhar card password is of First four letter of your name in capital along your birth year.

For example: let’s consider a person whose name is Mukesh Kumar and his birth year is 14/5/2001 then the password is MUKE2001

6. Print Your Aadhar Card

Finally you will download your aadhar card in your mobile phone or computer. if you download your E-Aadhar card in your phone you must have download in PDF form. you need to go your nearest Cafe if you want to print your Aadhar card.

Thank to reading this tutorial for download process of Aadhar card online. I hope you understand this tutorials. Check out some more tutorials related to Aadhar card.

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