HR Full Form, what is the meaning of HR (HR) is being told. People go far and wide in search of employment, where they work in a company. If you have worked in a private company, then you must have heard about HR. Every company has an HR position. When we go for interview in private company, the interview is done by HR only. He tests your ability in the interview.

Full Form HR

The Full Form Of HR Is “Human Resources“. The big companies and institutes have HR group, this group acts as a human source in the company. All HR managers are in the HR group. A task force is formed in this institution by this group. It aims to recruit new people, manage the management of the company and provide instructions to new employees in a right way.

HR Meaning 

It serves the people in an organization or organization to handle the responsibility of management, recruitment and other work. For your information, tell us that almost all private organizations have an HR Department. Whose work is Human Resource Managment.

HR History 

The term was first used in the 1960s. The main function of a person associated with human resources in an organization or organization is to arrange the necessary staff and labor for the organization. Along with this, the interest and rights of every employee working in the organization or organization have to be taken care of.

Importance Of HR

hR department is considered to be the most important department in the company. This department takes care of all the employees working in the company, if they have any problem, then it resolves it. The company relies solely on HR for employees. He tries to fill the vacant posts in the company so that there is no shortage of mains power in the company and the company can produce correctly and the company can get profit. The company fixes a target, for this additional staff is appointed by HR. HR is also responsible for explaining the rules and regulations to newly recruited employees.

HR Responsibility

The responsibility of HR is as follows-

  • Recruitment process
  • Issuance of job advertisement
  • Check submitted Resume
  • Taking the interview of the new person and getting the procedure followed by it.
  • The time of interview is managed by this.
  • The work of Payroll and Benefits Administration is done by this.
  • Reviewing payroll
  • Accepting Benefit Statements
  • Approval of invoices for payments
  • Participate in Benefit Tasks for the company
  • Apart from this, work is done to ensure leave due to illness and other reasons.

Working of HR

As you know, this process is called HRM i.e. Human Resource Management. There are many different types of processes in HRM. At the same time, it is expected to achieve the goal of their work. For your information, let us know that the HR Department controls and continues all these functions, HR’s functioning is like this –

  • Workforce hypothesis
  • Travel management
  • Skill management
  • Training and development
  • To admit
  • Personnel cost plan
  • Employee benefit administration