HVAC full form in hindi: In this article we will tell you what is the full form of HVAC, HVAC Full Form, what is HVAC, what is HVAC, what does HVAC mean?

Full Form HVAC

heating, ventilation and air conditioning

HVAC has a full form of “heating, ventilation and air conditioning“. HVAC is used to make the environment inside the home and vehicles comfortable.


Why HVAC Technology is Used

The right environment affects the work and productivity of man, using HVAC technology to control the temperature of home, apartment building, hotel, small and big industries or factory and hospital etc.

Apart from this, it is also used to control the environment in means of transportation such as cars, trains, airplanes and submarines etc. In addition to controlling the temperature, HVAC technology is used to deliver fresh air indoors.

How to use HVAC technology

“Heating” in a country or place where there is too much cold, the temperature of the room is reduced below the comfort level due to which the person is not able to work properly in such an environment, hence the use of Heating. By raising the room temperature

Some industries or factories are such that where a certain temperature is needed to make a product, this technology is also used there

Working Of HVAC

  • Force Air
  • return

Force Air maintains hot air throughout the room and maintains room temperature

Inside the radient method, hot water is circulated in pipes inside the walls of the house, so that the walls of the house are heated by radiant and the room temperature is fixed. Gas, electricity and oil are used for heating, different types of equipment are available in the market in which different Heating media are used.

In HVAC, “V” means ventilation . It is used to expel the bad air of the room and the house. It is used in the kitchen to remove the smoke created while cooking, ventilating the room, etc.The heat is reduced by using it, in addition it is also used in under-ground hotels and metro stations. It is also used to deliver fresh air to the long tunnel in the mountains and to expel the air inside.

HVAC means “AC” is “Air Conditioner” is a hot place or country where the temperature is 45 degrees or more is difficult to work there

Therefore, by using “AC”, the temperature of the room and the building is reduced and it is made human friendly to increase the productivity