Today we will go through this article in detail about What Is ICT , what is ICT Full Form, and what is the importance of ICT, such other information which is directly linked to ICT. Which, given the time of this technology, is going to be very important for everyone today. Now ICT is being used so much, so we thought why not give you complete information about ICT, ICT is being used in the field, today we prepared this post which is going to be very important for you.

ICT Full Form

The full form of ICT is Information and Communication Technology. ICT is an area where the facility of information transmission with the help of various services such as various means of communication of information (radio, television, cell phone, computer, hardware, software) etc. Provides.

Today ICT is being used in many fields. Due to the impact of ICT, many sectors like agriculture, health, education have seen a lot of change than before. ICT has completely changed the field of education today.The National Education Mission has created virtual labs, open source and access tools, virtual conference tools, talk to teacher programs and non-invasive blood glucometers under its aegis through information communication technology (ICT).

Meaning Of ICT

As you know, information and communication technology, commonly called ICT. Friends, today’s time is considered to be the time of digital world, and the technology that has been used for both information and communication, all of them come under ICT. According to TechTerms, ICT includes all the technologies that help the user to access information, such as Telecommunication Technology is the same information technology but ICT mainly consists of Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and Many other communication mediums are also involved.

Importance Of ICT

CT has created a revolution in many areas, under this, the technology used is being used in every field. ICT is being used mainly in business organization.Such as to bring customers, to increase production and to boost their resources.

And other similar works in which ICT Technology is being used today.Apart from this, let me tell you that digital device ICT is being used in the rural and urban areas of the Government of India.Using this device, the Government of India can prove to be important to improve the availability of information in rural areas.

ICT In Business And Organizations

Friends business organizations use ICT in many ways, for example, to increase productivity, bring in customers, and promote their resources. ICT Applications and existing technologies include many smart features. The ICT industry has a direct as well as an indirect effect on economic growth, as you know, modern communications networks are used to promote the growth of advertising and enterprise, in today’s time, many industrial services ICT have direct or indirect Depend on form.

Benefits Of ICT

Which we can easily talk to anyone. Perhaps you are unaware of this technology. But let us tell you that whatever technology we use for communication with each other, it all comes under ICT. ICT has created a different revolution in many fields like Education, Health, Agriculture. This is the reason. The importance of ICT has increased so much today that ICT’s higher education is imparted to the student in college, school.

Components Of ICT

There are mainly three components of ICT. Let’s describe one by one.

  • Computer Hardware Technology
  • Computer Software Technology
  • Telecommunications and Network Technology

Computer Hardware Technology

Under Computer Hardware Technology comes Microcomputer, Server and Large Mainframe Computer as well as Input Output and Collection Devices.

Computer Software Technology

Operating Software Web Browser Database Management System (DBMS) Server and Business, Commercial Software under Computer Software Technology.

Telecommunications and Network Technology

Under Telecommunication under Telecommunications and Network Technology, the processor and telecommunication based wire or wireless based software, encoding network security information etc.