Intensive Care Unit

Full Form Of ICU

ICU full form is intensive Care UnitThis is called intensive care centreICU medical is the department where serious patients are treated. You may have often heard that the person is admitted to the ICU or the doctor has referred the person to the ICU. People become a bit serious whenever it comes to ICU, since it’s not normal to enroll in ICU.
icu full form
icu full form
Icu recruits a person only if he or she is in a very critical condition or is very less likely to escape. ICU Hospital has a department with state-of-the-art machine and equipment that will help protect the person. ICU consists of very sensitive and well-developed machines used to treat a sick person.

What Is ICU

It provides intensive care and medicines for patients, intensive care unit (ICU) work to treat patients’ most serious and severe diseases and injuries, which require sustained and close monitoring by special doctors and nurses in the hospital, if necessary, patients can be transferred directly from the emergency department to the ICU. This work is usually done when the patient’s condition constantly worsens.

Equipment Used In ICU 

As we all know, patients are transferred directly from the Emergency department to ICU if needed. This is done usually if the patient’s condition is constantly deteriorating, then this is done. An ICU is equipped with various medical devices, such as; Mechanical ventilator, dialysis machine, external pacemaker, syringe pump, infusion pump, ECG (Electrocardiogram), defibrillator, anaesthesia machine, blood warmer, patient monitor, feeding tube, cyst tube etc. require special treatment for some major injuries and ailments. Problems in the respiratory system due to heart attack, excessive low blood pressure, asthma or complicated pneumonia, major surgery is required in accidental cases, including major surgery and dialysis in cases of patients in coma, liver problems and kidney failure, a major surgery.

Tools Used In ICU

Friends ICU – Intensive Care Unit uses a number of tools to detect the patient’s condition.
For this, when a patient has difficulty breathing , it is used to breathe through a tube.
In addition , machines are used to monitor the body continuously so that the patient ‘ s blood pressure and vitals are detected.

The main reason for placing a patient in the ICU?

It is very important for all of us to know why a patient is finally placed in the ICU. We’ve just told you above, that icus contain only those who are in critical condition and find it very difficult to save. The team of doctors tries to keep them in their good maintenance, and that’s why the hospital has 1 Ward, called ICU and this Ward is very well-cared by the patient, which provides all the facilities to the patient. So that his health can improve at the earliest, friends, let us now know at what time a person needs ICU.
  • If a person has undergone a major heart attack, the person is admitted to the ICU.
  • If a patient has reached a coma, the patient is admitted to the ICU.
  • If a patient has kidney failure, the patient is admitted to the ICU.
  • In case a patient’s liver stops working, the patient is admitted to the ICU.
  • If a person’s blood pressure is too low, the person is admitted to the ICU.

Some important Features Of ICU

1. ICU is used only for critically injured patients and is not maintained in patients with common illness .
2.Every major hospital has icu beds up to about 20-30%.
3. A person is also placed in the ICU when he comes to heart attack.
4. If a person has a major operation or surgery , doctors keep him in the ICU Ward.

Types of ICU

It treats diseases related to newborns. This is used to correct the children who are deficient after birth.
This unit of ICU treats severe diseases related to asthma, influenza, diabetic ketosedones, traumatic brain.
In this unit of ICU, mentally ill persons are treated, they are closely monitored so that they do not harm anyone.
This unit is also known as Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) or Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU). It is used to treat congenital heart disease and heart related diseases.
This unit of ICU has an ambulance and all icu equipment is installed. The ambulance has a team of doctors, which is arranged to provide treatment to the patient immediately.