On this page, what is the full form of LKG what is LKG ?All children start their schooling from pre primary school. Here children are provided education in sports and games. Children are taught to draw lines, draw letters and speak by holding pencils, in most schools children are taught through drawing, poetry, etc. In this stage, children are taught the habit of going to school and sitting there. On this page, what is the full form of LKG what is LKG ?

Full Form LKG

The full form of LKG is “Lower Kindergarten.” it is known as Kindergarten. Every child starts his career from LKG Class. Three to four year old children are kept in LKG. Here the children are introduced to the school. Here children are fed more games, so that the children can be attracted towards the school and the children come to school every day. Here children are identified with alphabets and they are fed more by the game. Young children want to play more and more, so they are imparted education through sports.

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What Is LKG

Lower Kindergarten is the second year of Pre-School Education in India and many other countries. The Indian Education system usually have 3 years of education system before the student gets Primary education. These three years are Nursery, Lower Kindergarten followed by Upper Kindergarten.

History Of LKG

In Lower Kindergarten, children has basic sessions of writing, playing, Music & Movement, Painting, Singing etc. It is considered to be the basic building block providing Pre-schooling education to the grownups.In some schools, it is not mandatory to have Nursery education before getting admitted to LKG. After completing Lower Kindergarten, a child can go to Upper Kindergarten (UKG).

What Comes After LKG

After studying in LKG, children comes to higher class whose names is UKG  (upper kinder garden) In Uppar Kinder Garden, the child takes about 6 to 5 years of age, in Uppar Kinder Garden, the child is given 123 points. So, In the UKG Children are taught, similarly alphabet chart words A, Z vowels and consonants are taught. vowels or sounds, rhyming words,letter word,blending,reading,writing,short vowels reminding words are all taught.

LKG Activities

LKG means the ground for children here, with which they are given educational activity. Such as teaching 1 to 10 speaking in games, teaching Poem etc. In simple language, education in LKG is provided along with the game itself. Today in our India also LKG class is available in all schools.

LKG School Fees Structure

It is difficult to fix the fees of a school, because fees are kept according to the school. The fees may vary from school to school depending on their own facility. But the fee given below is a normal and average fee.