Today We Are Going To Give You Information About MC Full Form In This Article, In General Life We ​​Always Hear These Words Many Times And Maybe Even Speak But There Are Many People Who Do Not Know What Its Full Name Is And What It Is If This Happens, Today Our Article Has Been Written For This, So That We Can Tell You Complete Information About MC.

Thousands Of Full Forms Are Used In Our Country, You Are Aware Of This And MC Is Also One Of Them, It Is Very Important For Every Person To Know What MC Full Form Is Because This Word Is Used Many Times In Future. It Happens That People Who Do Not Know About It Also Need Not Panic, Because In This Article You Will Get Complete Information Related To It.

What Is MC Full Form

The Full form of MC is “Menstrual Cycle.” It Is Also Called Mahavari Or Menstrual Period In Hindi Language And Has Different Names In All Areas, Which Most People Use The Word Used In Their Area For This, It Is A Process That Occurs In Women Which That Women Are Between The Age Of About 14 Years To 45 Years And Menstruation Occurs Every Month.

Most People Think That Menstruation Starts At The Same Age In All Young Women, But It Is Wrong. Menstruation Can Start At Any Time From 8 To 17 Years Of Age And In Most Of The Young Men, Menstruation Starts Between 13 And 17 Years. It Happens That Any Woman’s Menstruation Depends On Many Things Such As The Composition Of The Woman’s Jeans, Living Conditions, Environment, Food And More.

Menstruation Comes Every Month To Every Woman And It Is Also Called Period; It Comes Once In A Month, It Is Usually A Cycle Of 28 To 35 Days And Its Range Is Different In All Girls.

For Example, Some Girls Have A Menstrual Period Of 3-5 Days, Some Also Have A Duration Of 2 To 7 Days And Until The Woman Is Not Pregnant, This Process Continues Until The Woman Becomes Pregnant For A Few Months. Goes And This Process Starts Again After The Birth Of The Baby.

Phases OF Menstrual Cycle

MC Is Mainly In Four Different Phases, About Which We Are Telling You –

  1. Menstrual Phase – In This Stage, The Broken Lining In The Uterus Of Women Comes Out From The Vulva In The Form Of Blood, It Usually Occurs From 2 Days To 3 Days.
  2. Follicular Phase – This Is The First Phase Of Menstruation Of Women. It Starts When Menstruation Stops, When The Menstrual Bleeding Stops Then The Follicle Is Ready To Leave The Egg. Normally It Develops Only In A Follicle. .
  3. Ovulatory Phase – This Cycle Begins Around The 14th Day Of Menstruation And In This Phase The Eggs Begin To Be Released From The Ovaries, It Is Directed In The Fallopian Tubes And In The Fallopian Tubes When Sperm Is Not Present, It Does Not Fertilize And The Egg Disintegrates Within 24 Hours.
  4. Luteal Phase – The Remnant Of The Follicle That Is Not Fertilized In The Previous Stage Is Called The Corpus Luteum And It Goes To The Inner Layer Of Uterus Which Causes The Onset Of Bleeding.

Problem With Excess Secretion 

During This Time There Is No Problem Till Normal Discharge Is Because It Is Natural But If There Is Excess Secretion Then It Can Also Cause Many Serious Problems Which Are Of The Following Type.

  • Something In The Lining Of The Lingual.
  • Having Thyroid Gland Problems.
  • Disease Of Blood Clotting.
  • Problem Of Pressure Etc.

Menstrual or menstrual cycle information

MC starts coming from the age of about 14 years in every woman’s life till the age of 45 years. The cycle of this MC that comes every month to each woman is also different. That is, every woman starts coming at different times.

During the cycle of MC, a dirty and smelly liquid is released from the vagina of women. When this cycle starts every month, it lasts for about 4-5 days.

Onset of menstruation

The onset of MC in women starts when they are able to conceive. The order of its arrival continues for about 45 years.

Menstrual problems

Menstruation is a normal process occurring every month in all women. During this time, women have to deal with many problems like insomnia, backache, etc.

In such a situation, some women start taking medicines to avoid this pain, which is very wrong.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, medicines taken during this time are so dangerous that they can also cause heart attacks. Apart from this, these medicines can cause ulcers, kidney and liver problems, intestinal problems, etc.

Therefore, at this time more emphasis should be laid on natural remedies instead of medicine.

Early Symptoms Of MC 

Whenever This Phase Starts In Women, Many Of Its Symptoms Begin To Be Received Earlier, The Symptoms Start 5 To 11 Days Before The Onset Of Menstruation.

These Symptoms Include Headache, Swelling Of The Legs, Back Pain, Abdominal Cramps, Feeling Of Loose Breasts Or Bloating. The Following Symptoms May Occur During This Period.

Wrong thinking about menstrual cycle

The MC range remains misconception-logos on it believes would be women during periods not pregnant. But this is completely wrong. Women can definitely become pregnant if they are properly intercourse even during periods.

Benefits of periods

Periods or MCs are an important part of women’s lives. In such a situation, women should take special care at this time. Using the right pad at the time of MC can ensure your safety.

Many times women use bad and dirty clothes at the time of MC as well as many inattentiveness at this time. Due to which they may also have to face serious diseases.