Welcome to brand new article for those who want to download the super blasting game and most popular android games that is Minecraft Pocket Edition for free. Everyone love this games and want to download it for free without paying it. am i right, offcourse i am right. Don’t worry i will provide you download link of minecraft pocket edition but this download of minecraft is much older version. Because when minecraft is released on play store there is a free version available for both minecraft and minecraft pocket edition but when developers seen the popularity of the minecraft games then this games will get paid. That’s is not good for the crazy fans of Minecraft pocket edition.

Minecraft pocket edition is much popular than minecraft free version because in the minecraft pocket edition you can make any things with tool which are provided in minecraft pocket edition while in the free version you can do it. Also there are many drawbacks to use free minecraft edition.

Let’s talk one by one. In the minecraft pocket edition you will able to fly and you make any things in minecraft pocket edition. After success fully creating your craft you are able to publish your craft and you craft is publically seen by various numbers of user of minecraft pocket edition and they also use for craft for modification which is the best things that i seen on minecraft pocket edition buy you can not do these things on free version of minecraft.

What is Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mineicraft pocket edition is a craft game where user can make their own building, monuments, tower, or even a town or city, anythings as they like. The graphics of the miniecraft pocket edition is very low but it looks better when we see more and more buildings. The minecraft pocket edition is the fully offline games however you need some internet connection when you play with your friends. This games has about 500MB in size and easy to play on android, ios and pc (computer).

There are two modes in this games first is survial mode and second is creative mode. Survival mode offer user to weapon with some restriction while in the creative mode user can fly and no more restriction on minecraft. There are too many features in Creative mode user can manke anythings in creative mode and they published their crafts public.

Details Of Minecraft Pocket Edition

Now, let’s know some details of minecraft pocket edition.

The name of the developer who built this awesome game is Mojang. The total downloads of the minecraft pocket edition is more than 10M according to google play store. Here is the more details of Minecraft game.

Size 101 MB
Version 1.23
Package Name of Minecraft com.mojang.minecraftpe

Features Of Minecraft Pocket Edition

There are lots of features seen in the minecraft pocket edition according to their modes. As you know that there are two modes available on minecraft game that is survival and creative mode. I already discuss i brief features of this modes. Check out here.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition

Now, come to the main point of this post that is how to download mine craft pocket edition games for android, ios and pc. Download of mine craft is much simple that you think just click on download button that you seen in the bottom of the post. (Make sure that link is activated written on the side of download button) Then click on this it will redirect to another page where you are able to download. This page is just way to medium for download minecraft pocket edition. However, minecraft pocket edition  is a property of its developers this Website oixapey.com are not responsible for any kind of problem within this app or games. You should own respect your privacy.

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