Today i will know the full form of opd but before you will try to know the meaning of OPD. Guys, OPD is the most popular word which is generally used in our daily life. You may hear the word OPD in Hospital and In medical. In the post we will describe the meaning of opd, full form of opd, what is opd stands for?,uses of opd slip, benefits of opd and at the end of the post we will know that how you fill the registration form for OPD.

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opd full form
opd full form

Full form Of OPD

The full form of OPD is “Out patient Department. This department (OPD) is designing for patients who don’t need to stay or admit in hospital. An OPD is usually constructed on the ground floor of any hospital, and is divided into several parts such as department of neurology, department of gynecology, orthopaedic department, general medicine department etc. Here, the patient completes all the formalities and then goes to the concerned department. OPD is first diagnosed with patients’ illnesses when doctors find it necessary to have a patient’s admit and admit it to the hospital.

Meaning Of OPD

An outpatient (OPD) is a patient who is not hospitalized for 24 hours or more. But a visit to a hospital or clinic is carried out for treatment or diagnosis, and a patient is a patient, who remains hospitalized overnight for several days or weeks.If we say in more simple terms, when a person goes to the hospital to get treatment from a doctor but comes back from the doctor, he is not admitted.

Benefits Of OPD

If you are looking for a government hospital for treatment, you must take note of this news. In fact, opd time is going to change in government hospitals from November one. The OPD will now start from 9 am till February.
In Uttarakhand, the weather is continuously becoming chilly. In view of this, OPD time will be changed from November one to tomorrow in all government hospitals including teaching hospital of Doon Medical College. Medical Superintendent of Medical College Hospital, Dr. KK Tamta said that so far OPD started at 8 in the morning and the doctors were looking at the patient till 2 o’clock, but the winter timetable comes into force from November one. The OPD time is changing from Friday.