pubg lite 0.20 beta version released are you want to download it of both obb and apk the continue reading this post. today i will give you download link of latest pubg mobile lite 0.20 version. As you know that  pubg mobile is the most playing online multiplayer battle games and it is most popular games in the world. Hence, everyone loves this games. But i am not talking about pubg mobile, i am here to talk the latest updates that is 0.20 in pubg mobile lite.

As you know that if you want to run pubg mobile game on your phone you need at least 3GB of RAM and 2GB of ROM (internal storage). But if your phones doesn’t fill these requirements then you have an alternative option to feel the same experience of pubg mobile that is pubg mobile lite. Pubg mobile lite runs on low ram phones with no graphics card and hence there is the vast user of pubg mobile lite. Not all person affords high ram phones so the tencent company release these version of pubg lite 0.20 which runs on low RAM phones.

There are many version of pubg mobile lite but the 0.20 version is the latest version of the pubg mobile lite which is coming soon on the google play store. But if you want to test 0.20 version of pubg lite you can just download the obb file and apk file on your android phones and play it on your phone. Hence it is the beta version then you can find only some player on your game. After the full test of 0.20 version of pubg mobile it will release on google play store.

Pubg Mobile lite 0.20 Requirements

The beta version of pubg mobile lite 0.20 come with obb file and an apk. The size of the obb file is about 512 Mb and the size of an apk is 32 Mb which is quite low. Infact  In this version there are lots of changes has seen. In this latest version of pubg lite you find new monuments and building. You also find new guns and skins.

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Now, the requirements of this pubg mobile lite 0.20 is same as 0.19.

You need minimum of 2Gb Ram with 500+ snapdragon (android version 4.3 +) and you have also a 2 Gb free internal storage space with smooth running of the game. If you have 1GB of free space then it also be run on your phone but for smooth  running you need of 2Gb of free space.

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Download Pubg Lite 0.20 Beta Obb And Apk Download

Now, come to the point, How to download and play the pubg lite 0.20 beta vesion this beta version is officially released by pubg mobile tencent. The 0.20 beta version has lots of new features like new buildings, monuments, guns,bug fixes, and more security.

Download Apk

Download Obb 

pubg lite players click on this link to download the obb file or click on below download obb file and click here to download the 0.20 pubg lite apk.

Features of pubg lite 0.20

There are lots of features coming in the latest 0.20 version of pubg lite let’s talk these awesome features one by one.

  • Bug fixes
  • New building
  • New Map Added
  • New guns
  • More security
  • No crash
  • Smooth playing
  • HD Building and Monuments
  • Easy to climb on building and roof
  • Fast render grass
  • Long Grasses
  • Buggy blast fix
  • Red zone bug fix
  • Aim assist Bug Fix
  • Low recoil

I hope you will enjoy this 0.20 beta update. Thank you to reading this post. If you ask query related to pubg mobile lite then ask me in comment box.