Do you know what this PUC is, PUC full form? Actually, PUC is used for three main terms. In the field of education, in the field of environment and in the field of mobile technology, we give you information about these three terms. Just keep reading –

PUC Full Form

The full form of PUC is “Pollution under Control“. If you drive, whether it is a two-wheeler, a four-wheeler or any other commercial vehicle, its (PUC) certificate is mandatory for all vehicles. This document or (PUC) certificate is issued to any driver when the vehicle meets the pre-determined parameters after the test. This is done for both diesel and petrol vehicles.

A minor charge is also levied for this. Smoke certificate is however available for free. It is examined for free. Pollution check-up centers are made for this. The green flag is given by the Regional Transport Office ie RTO.

This is also important because some trains have fixed timings. If pollution is not checked or certificates are not fulfilled then the vehicle owner is also fined.

What is PUC Certificate

PUC certificate is necessary / mandatory for every vehicle to reduce air pollution . It is issued only after thorough examination of the vehicle is found to be correct.

While making it, it is checked that the vehicle is not leaving more than the prescribed standard. PUC Certificate is issued when this test is found to be correct .

If your car is doing more pollution then you can ask to make a PUC Certificate. But this PUC Certificate will be valid only for 24 hours. After this, you will have to make this certificate by getting your car serviced.

How to get PUC Certificate 

Pollution Check Centers are open at almost every petrol pump in every state. From there you can easily get a PUC Certificate for your car.

Pollution check center is authorized by the transport department of the same state and on your PUC certificate will be the name of the transport department of the state from which it is built.

If a person has got his PUC certificate from Delhi, then your PUC certificate will also have the name, code and address of the Transport Department of Delhi Government.

This PUC certificate will be valid for every state. That is, if you create a PUC certificate from anywhere, it will be valid in every state.

How to check PUC Results 

Pollution Check Center where PUC certificate is made. There is a computer with which a gas analyzer is connected and a camera and a printer are also attached to the computer.

By keeping the car running, the gas analyzer is inserted into the vehicle silencer and it checks for pollution. These data are sent to the computer and the job of the camera is to take a photo of the license plate .

A PUC certificate is issued if your vehicle is leaving the target within the specified range.

There is a process of doing different pollution checks in a petrol and diesel car.

  • For petrol car: In this test, one time reading is taken without pressing the accelerator of the vehicle.
  • For diesel car: Accelerator is fully pressed for diesel car. The reading is taken after doing this 4 to 5 times and finally the final reading is taken by taking an average of all these readings.

Other Full Form Of PUC

In the field of mobile technology, PUC stands for Personal Unlock Code .

Let’s explain that this is the security feature of the mobile phone. It is also known as PUK Personal Unlock Key. This SIM card helps in keeping the data secure. when you enter the wrong SIM card PIN code more than three or three times and your SIM card gets blocked then it is needed. After opening your SIM card you can set a new SIM card PIN code. This is necessary for mobile security.