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TVS Full Form 

Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram

The Full Form of TVS is ” Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram “. And  TVS Stands for Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram. This company manufactures motorcycles and sells them in the market. It is a Public Limited Company. You will find it a bit strange to hear the full form because it has no meaning, it is the name of a person. The founder of this company was Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram Iyengar .

What Is TVS 

Actually it is a Motorcycle Manufacturing Company. Know some information about its history and geography. Today you must have seen a lot of fast moving cars on the roads, these fast moving vehicles on the road have made the transportation of human traffic easier. Today the vehicles used by humans are manufactured by many companies. When the TVS Motor Company also comes in this episode, then it works in the manufacture of vehicles, which is quite popular in today’s time, and people like its vehicles more and more.

He named this company after his abbreviation for TVS. It is one of the third largest motorcycle manufacturing company in India. The annual sales of this company are more than 3 Million Units. Mr. TV Sundram started Delhi’s first bus service in 1911 under the name of TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited . He also operated Buses and Lullabies under the name of Southern Roadways Limited .

In 1955 TV Sundram died. After his demise, his sons operated the company and turned the company’s approach towards the automobile sector.

Some of the main functions of this company include Finance, Insurance, Two-Wheelers / Three Wheelers, Tires and Components, Housing, Aviation, Logistics etc. In 1978, it was registered as TVS Motor Company Limited.

History Of TVS

VS Motor Company was founded by TV Sundaram Lyengar, they first started the first bus service in the country’s capital Delhi in 1911 and a company in transport labor with a fleet of trucks and buses called South Roadways Limited TV Sundaram established Lyengar and Sons Limited. He died in the year 1955 , since then all the responsibility of the company was handled by his son. His son got the company to manufacture Finance, Insurance, Manufacture of 2 Wheelers, Types and Components in the automobile sector, and together with many agreements, gave the company a lot of success.

In 1962 , Sundaram Clayton was established with the help of Clayton Dewandre Holdings, UK, which started manufacturing components for many types of vehicles. In 1980, the company had its first TVS 50 Moped manufacturing at a factory in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. In 1982, the joint venture between Sundaram Clayton and Japanese Auto Giant Suzuki Limited was operationalized. And by this commercial production of motorcycle was started in 1984.

Information Regarding TVS

  • The beginning of the Company in L9ll Mrk TV Sundaram Iyengar .
  • The Headqurter of this company is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India .
  • It has 4 Two Wheeler and 1 Three Wheeler Plant in the entire country.
  • It exports to more than 60 countries making it the second largest exporter in India.

TVS Company Information

Industry: Motorcycle

When it started: 1978

Products: Motorcycles, scooters, three-wheeler vehicles and spare parts.