Today in this post you will know the full form of UKG and also know about the meaning of UKG As in your daily life You must have heard the name of UKG a lot and some child from your house must have gone to school. Have you ever tried to know what is the full form of UKG? If not then through this post you will get all information about UKG. Learn! what is it taught to children In UKG. Basically it is a primary section school for young children (4 to 6 years). Where children start their education. Let’s know In Details.

Full Form LKG

The full form of LKG is “Upper Kinder Garden.UKG teaches four to five-year-old children in their class. The word kindergarten means garden for children. Children enter UKG after LKG.  In this also, children are taught educational activity along with sports.First the children take admission in LKG, here the children study for one year, when the children learn all the things of LKG, then after one year they are admitted to UKG. Children are also subjected to an examination before admission to the UKG, thus their evaluation. Only the children who are successful in the assessment are considered eligible for the next class.

What Is UKG (upper Kindergarten)

upper Kindergarten is a preschool educational approach traditionally based on practical activities such as playing, singing, drawing. The Upper Kindergarten (UKG) stage is a more controlled and structured environment and children will be able to pursue the skills acquired at the LKG level. Children learn to read and write. The methods used to cook in the UKG may vary from school to school.

Admission In UKG

To take admission in UKG, children have to take a test, in many schools this is not the case, they take such admission but there are some schools which do not get admission without test. Not much is asked in the test, there are questions like name, father’s name, address, in which all the children are almost passed and admission is easy. There is little difficulty in taking admission in schools like Jaipuriya, CMS or else admission is available everywhere.

UKG Activities

The learning approach used at UKG is usually child-centered. The attention span of children is quite limited and all focus on this aspect during the UKG phase. Teachers mostly adopt an individualistic approach to specific children during the period, especially for complex subjects such as mathematics. The concepts learned during UKG will help the child when he moves on to primary education.

UKG School Fees Structure

It is difficult to fix the fees of a school, because fees are kept according to the school. The fees may vary from school to school depending on their own facility. But the fee given below is a normal and average fee.