Minecraft APK offers a creative mode that allows you to use unlimited resources and gives you complete freedom to express your ideas. You can create the world you want, design different buildings, adjust the time of the day to your liking, and distribute various items among the residents. Now Let’s talk about what does smite do in Minecraft pocket edition.

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What is Smite in Minecraft?

Smite is the best enchantment to fight the undead mobs of Minecraft. These undead mobs are the skeletons and zombies, withers, miter skeletons and zombie villagers.There are five levels of the smite enchantment, with 1 being the weakest and 5 the strongest.

Minecraft has a large undead mob roaming freely at night. It is advisable to always have a good sword with you when traveling.

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How do I get the Smite in Minecraft?

You can apply the Smite Enchantment to a sword or Axe. However, you will need an enchanted book in order to use it on equipment. Most Minecraft players will use it on their sword or Axe.

Smite is also available by spending time at the enchanting table, using your levels and just like other enchantments in the game. To obtain a higher level Smite Enchantment, you can combine two different smite-enchanted swords.

The smite spell is mutually exclusive and cannot be combined with the bane arthropods or sharpness.

Uses Of Smite In Minecraft

Let’s now look at the uses of the Smite Enchantment.

A max level smite will kill undead mons with two hits. However, if you hit a critical hit, they’ll be killed in one blow. It’s easy to land a critical hit, simply fall down and you will.

When you need to kill many wither skeletons in order to summon the wither, the Enchantment is a great tool. You won’t need to grind as long if you have a max-level Smite blade.

Tridents can also be grown in the farm. A Trident can drop from drowned victims, but it’s very rare. A Smite sword makes the grind more enjoyable.

Mob farms also benefit from the smite spell. Normally, you will need to manually kill every mob on a mob farm. However, skeletons or zombies can spawn in large numbers. In such situations, the Smite sword can be very useful.

Which is Best For You, Sharpness or Smite?

Sharpness is another useful enchantment you can add to your sword. Sharpness is similar to Smite and has five levels with 5, the strongest being 5. Sharpness and Smite enchantments cannot be combined, so you can only use one at a given time.

Any mob can take 1 1/2 heart damage from the Sharpness enchantment. This is the only difference between the smiting enchantments and the sharpness enchantments.

Both enchantments can be used in different situations depending on how you play. Most players will pick Sharpness over Smite because Sharpness is more versatile and can be used to kill any mob with just 2-3 hits.